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Sugar alone doesn’t make skin smooth

HairExPil – the perfect sugar paste

As a beautician, I have spent the last 20 years performing hair removal treatments every day and I was never been completely satisfied with the products on the market. I longed for a sugar paste that really “worked” with consistent quality and that did not have to be warmed up. The sugar pastes available rarely removed hair completely, were difficult to work with in the summer months or became “glued” to the skin after just a short time.

I wanted to give my beauty clients professional hair removal, which is why I developed HairExPil with food technicians.

  • high tractive force
  • does not have to be warmed up before treatment
  • a little goes a long way (without always having to apply fresh sugar paste)
  • works at any room temperature
  • also works in intimate areas
  • only contains natural skincare substances.


HairExPil is the result we are proud of and the perfect solution:

The 6 different sugar pastes guarantee the perfect consistency at different temperatures and for different purposes. Word soon spread about the quality of HairExPil and we received enquiries and orders from beauty institutes, spa hotels, hair removal studios and private clients. This was the start of HairExPil. To ensure that our clients have everything they need for perfect hair removal, our range also includes pre-treatment and post-treatment products, as well has support material.

We value the consistent high quality of all of our products.

Sandra Heinzle, Managing Director

It is also essential that we train our customers to a professional standard:

In our courses, participants learn the correct hair removal techniques for different parts of the body.

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