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Seductively smooth with sugar paste

Welcome to HairExPil!

This gentle and thorough hair removal technique, which originated
in the Orient, is a simple treatment that is suitable for all areas of the male and female body.

Naturally smooth!
Whether for sensuality, erotica, hygiene or just perfect smoothness....regardless of what time of the year it is, your age or motivation, a hair-free body is always in fashion. We have the simple solution: HairExPil sugar paste.


How does it work?
Annoying body hair is removed gently but thoroughly using a
paste made of sugar, lemon juice and water.
This hair removal technique leaves your skin feeling clean and soft, and looking
fantastic. Hair and skin become finer with
each treatment. The results last for a long time,
making annoying shaving and plucking a thing of the past.
No hot wax, no depilation, no chemicals - just
100 % natural for your skin.


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